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‘Can you say conflict of interest?’: Colbert pieces together hilarious Hannity intro owning up to Cohen bombshell



Fox News host Sean Hannity

In the wake of the revelation that the president’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen also represents Fox News host Sean HannityThe Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert pieced together a hilarious fake intro to the Trump-loving anchor’s Monday night show.

The Late Show has acquired a sneak peek of tonight’s Hannity,” the clip’s teaser reads before launching into the fake intro segment regarding the day’s news.


“This is a Fox News alert,” Hannity said in the clip. “President Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is my attorney and I defended him right here on this program.”

“Can anybody say conflict of interest?” he host asks in the mashup before saying that “Fox News has largely ignored” their unethical lack of disclosure.

Watch below, via The Late Show:

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2020 Election

Ana Navarro goes off on Ivanka after Trump defender tries to drag Hunter Biden into debate discussion



During a CNN panel discussion on tonight's debate between Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, a former adviser to the president suggested Biden's son, Hunter, should be fair game for attacks which led fellow panelist Ana Navarro to give him a lesson in the first daughter's corruption and the president's possible legal problems.

With "New Day" hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota looking on, David Urban said he expected Hunter Biden would be used against his father during the debate.

"If the president brings up Hunter Biden as we have heard some suggest he will repeatedly, how do you think Joe Biden should respond?" Urban challenged Navarro.

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Rudy Giuliani flooded reporter’s phone with texts about Biden being ‘senile’ and taking ‘ADD drugs’



Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani this week has been on a tear trying to convince Americans that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is senile.

During an appearance on "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday, the former New York City mayor claimed that he had "talked to doctors" who told him that Biden "has dementia."

He then accused Biden of taking performance-enhancing drugs to be able to speak coherently.

"The president's quite right to say maybe he's taken Adderall," Giuliani said.

Daily Beast reporter Asawin Suebsaeng subsequently revealed on Twitter that Giuliani's attacks on Biden's mental faculties have been something of an obsession for him.

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WATCH: Ex-Trump adviser clashes with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota over New York Time’s tax bombshell



On CNN Tuesday, Republican lobbyist and former Trump adviser David Urban tried to talk over anchor Alisyn Camerota to dispute the bombshell tax story in The New York Times — and Joe Biden strategist and Never-Trump conservative Ana Navarro-Cárdenas promptly mocked him.

"He's not going to increase your taxes or take away your guns," said Urban. "He's not going to do all of the things that Joe Biden and the Democratic platform says he's going to do. With respect to taxes, I just want to point out I made a graphic of what you had up earlier. He paid 1 million bucks in 2016."

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