‘Can you say conflict of interest?’: Colbert pieces together hilarious Hannity intro owning up to Cohen bombshell
Fox News host Sean Hannity

In the wake of the revelation that the president's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen also represents Fox News host Sean HannityThe Late Show's Stephen Colbert pieced together a hilarious fake intro to the Trump-loving anchor's Monday night show.

"The Late Show has acquired a sneak peek of tonight's Hannity," the clip's teaser reads before launching into the fake intro segment regarding the day's news.

"This is a Fox News alert," Hannity said in the clip. "President Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is my attorney and I defended him right here on this program."

"Can anybody say conflict of interest?" he host asks in the mashup before saying that "Fox News has largely ignored" their unethical lack of disclosure.

Watch below, via The Late Show: