CNN’s Don Lemon calls out Trump for Amazon attack: 'What's really at issue' is his 'hard feelings' about Jeff Bezos
Don Lemon (CNN / Screengrab)

When fact-checking President Donald Trump's Twitter tirade about Amazon, CNN's Don Lemon addressed the commander-in-chief directly — and called him out for having a bone to pick with the company's founder.

"What's really at issue here," the host mused, "are the president's hard feelings for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who also own The Washington Post, a paper that has aggressively been covering his administration — and he doesn't like that."

Continuing his opening monologue, Lemon also asked Trump whether he'd seen the stock market plummet due to his Amazon attacks and fears of a trade war with China.

"They're wearing heavily on your friends, Mr. President, on Wall Street," he said.

"You have repeatedly taken credit for the boom in the market since 2016," Lemon concluded. "Now, sir, you must take responsibility for the market's tanking today."

Watch below, via CNN: