Conservative CNN guest busts Trump for why he employs Cohen: 'He does unsavory business with unsavory people'
President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen (Screen capture)

During a CNN panel discussion on President Donald Trump's enduring relationship with personal attorney Michael Cohen, an editor from the Weekly Standard said that the president responds well to Cohen because his specialty is dealing with "unsavory people."

Speaking with host Victor Blackwell, Kelly Jane Torrance was asked about Cohen's reported habit of recording his phone calls with clients and other lawyers.

"Let's face it, there might be some good reason that Michael Cohen was recording his conversations," Torrance explained. "And that's because he's doing a lot of unsavory business with some unsavory people. "

"I have to say, Donald Trump talks about how he hires the best people," she continued. "Well Michael Cohen is not your typical high-powered lawyer. This guy did not graduate from Harvard or Yale -- he graduated from Western Michigan Cooley University Law School which, apparently, a couple of years ago had the worst entering class that legal academia had ever seen."

"This guy deals with a lot of sectors not known for transparency and not known for great dealings. We're talking taxi cab medallions and things like that," she elaborated. "The fact that he's recording his calls might mean he's dealing with a lot of unsavory people. When you think about it, these recordings could be very big because the things that the search warrant said they're investigating is wire fraud, bank fraud, possible campaign finance violations."

Watch the video below via CNN: