Florida parents say teacher punished kids with 'slave game' after they reported her for using N-word in class
Maurisha McCants (WJAX)

A Florida teacher has been using racist language in the classroom, according to parents -- and they said she retaliated against children after they complained.

Parents said the Dinsmore Elementary School teacher, who is white, used the N-word in class but told students it was not a bad word, reported WJAX-TV.

“She said the N-word," said parent Maurisha McCants. "She also stated that she always wanted to have a black baby, but she didn’t feel comfortable bringing one home because of how her parents would feel about the situation."

Parents reported the racist language two months ago to Dinsmore's principal, but they never heard any more about the investigation -- although multiple parents say the teacher has retaliated against students whose parents contacted school officials.

“They played a ‘slave game’ in class,” said one mother, who asked to remain anonymous out of concern for her child. “They were trying to tell me it had something to do with a bucket and a rock.”

Parents say the school doesn't seem to take their concerns seriously about the teacher, whose name was not reported by the TV station.

“It’s like they’re pushing it under the rug,” McCants said. “She’s bringing her personal preferences in the classroom. If you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to be teaching and that’s it.”

Duval County Public Schools spokesperson Laureen Ricks said the claims remain under investigation, but she emphasized that students had not accused the teacher of directing racist language against any of them.

“Because this is being actively reviewed, we are unable to discuss more at this time,” Ricks said. “The school immediately reported this to both the District Office of Professional Standards and the Department of Children and Families as soon as they became aware of the allegations.”