Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano reveals how Mueller is luring Trump into a trap
Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News/Screenshot

Since news of Trump not being a "target" of Robert Mueller's probe leaked, conservative media has been crowing.

Not so fast, warns Fox News senior judicial analyst, judge Andrew Napolitano. The former prosecutor went on Fox & Friends this morning and, perhaps knowing he was speaking directly to the president, warned him against a false sense of security.

"A target means they are going to indict you, and before they indict you they give you an opportunity to come in and try to persuade them why they shouldn't," Napolitano said.

The hosts asked Napolitano how this was different than being a "subject."

"A subject is somebody that is the topic of an ongoing criminal investigation that has not yet ended," Napolitano said. "So as much as I want the president to be able to be president and not have this on his back, I would encourage him to not relax and not rejoice."

Napolitano also laid out a scenario that may have made blood run cold for the president's attorney.

"There is a theory that this statement was made by Bob Mueller in an off-handed way so that people like the rest of us would talk about it and the president would have a fake sense of security going into the interview," Napolitano said. "'Oh, don't worry, you're not a target, just come and talk to you'—stay away from that Mr. President, that interview environment is extremely dangerous."

Watch below.