'Lies, lies, lies': Former Mexican President Vicente Fox destroys Trump over bogus migrant 'rape' claims
Vicente Fox talks about Donald Trump on Chelsea (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Friday to tear apart President Donald Trump's claim that migrants headed to the United States are "raping" women "at levels that nobody has ever seen before."

When asked by hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to comment about Trump's allegations of "rapist" asylum seekers, Fox didn't hold back in his feelings.

"He lies, lies, lies, lies again to the American people," Fox said. "This kind of event, the so-called caravan happens every year. As a matter of fact, close to 500,000 Central Americans cross the border into Mexico, and 400,000 of them are sent back. Another 100,000 get into Mexico or around there and they decide to come to the States, but Mexico is doing their jobs, sending the people back to their homes, with a lot of compassion, humane attitude, not with a stick. Now, he lied about the rapist level there... tell the truth to your people. Don't lie to them everyday."

Fox also warned Trump's voters that they would soon have to pay the price for the president's decision to implement massive tariffs on imports, which he said would spark a debilitating trade war.

"U.S. farmers, watch out," he said. "Mexico buys from you every year over $40 billion worth of corn, and now we went down south to buy that corn from Argentina, from Brazil. So you're going to be hurt. You better speak up because this guy is taking you nowhere -- and you consumers, you consumers, this trade war, you're going to pay the price."

Watch the video below.