Michael Cohen caught dining with MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch -- who just urged him to turn on Trump
Donny Deutsch and Michael Cohen, composite image.

President Donald Trump's embattled attorney Michael Cohen was spotted having lunch with MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch, CNN reported Wednesday.

CNN White House reporter Elizabeth Landers tweeted about the meeting.

Deutsch, an advertising executive, knows Cohen personally and had urged Cohen to flip on Trump only hours earlier.

“Michael at this point, for whatever his emotional, legal, personal reasons is devoutly, devoutly, devoutly loyal to this president — where I can’t understand it, candidly,” Deutsch said on Morning Joe on Wednesday. “I will see it as this unfolds, (the FBI raid) two days ago it was not about Russia, it was not. It was about banking and finance. When you scratch that scab, there’s a lot of pus coming out of it.”

In March, Deutsch worried that Trump might destroy the world with nuclear weapons to avoid jail.

“This week if you were concerned about Donald Trump being our president, you really felt the noose tighten with Hope Hicks leaving and the Kushner story and the new conspiracy leading directly to Trump from (special counsel) Robert Mueller’s point of view,” Deutsch said. “You really feel it, and the bad news, though, if you’re somebody that’s concerned about Trump, is you’re really starting to see the beginning of a cornered Donald Trump, and what is he capable of doing at the expense of the world or the United States or the consumer to save himself?”

Watch Donny Deutsch on MSNBC's Morning Joe explaining his relationship with Michael Cohen: