MSNBC guest accuses oblivious Trump of letting 'literal criminals' in the White House pick new cabinet members
President Donald Trump (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy, a former "Apprentice" cast member, who now heads up a marketing consulting firm, accused an oblivious President Donald Trump of allowing "literal criminals" working in the White House pick  his cabinet members for him.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Tara Dowdell exposed Trump's disinterest in details about his pick's backgrounds that has led to continuing turnover in the administration.

"He doesn't know his own mind because he changes his mind depending on what's on Fox & Friends this morning, whatever they say,  or whatever Hannity says," host Reid suggested. "And he's been surrounded by people who themselves don't know or are just are there scooping as much of the federal treasury as they can. Viewing the job as an opportunity to live well while slashing away their departments."

"That's the problem," Dowdell explained. "Remember, government at those high levels under any circumstance attracts the most ambitious people. So now you have a president that they know is not someone who is a strong and talented leader. If he was a strong leader then they wouldn't feel so comfortable leaking every single thing they did."

"Basically the only people that are going to want to come into this administration are people who only solely want to set themselves up for later and pull the most that they can out of the federal government for them, their friends, their family and their cronies, and that's what's happening," she continued. "Trump's own personnel office, that's riddled with political appointees, hacks and criminals. Literally people with criminal records are picking Cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries."

"That's what's happening right now," the MSNBC guests added. "People with records are doing that in this office the presidential personnel office which is understaffed and staffed with incompetent people."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: