Here are five important actions Americans need to take if Trump fires Mueller
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich took to Facebook on Friday morning to set out a roadmap to fight back against President Donald Trump should he choose to fire special counsel Robert Mueller for getting too close in his investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign.

In the video, Reich set out a five point plan,  saying, "Trump is on the warpath. It's looking increasingly likely he'll fire special counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as a step toward firing Mueller -- and precipitate a constitutional crisis. Be prepared. If this happens, here are 5 things you can do."

According to Reich, concerned Americans first need to go to to research locations of "peaceful protests" in their communities.

'We must also urge all who remain in the special counsel's office to preserve files and documents, " he added. " This is important because, after the Saturday Night Massacre when Nixon fired Archibald Cox, Nixon's staff took possession of the documents."

"Number three: If Mueller is fired, we must demand that the Justice Department appoint a new independent special counsel to continue the investigation," Reich continued.

"Call on the Senate to establish a Senate-select Watergate-style committee to investigate all matters related to the Russian scandals and Trump's abuse of power, " Reich stated as his fourth point, before adding that the House should also convene hearings.

"Number five: Make sure all Americans, Democrats, Independents, even Republicans vote on November 6 to repudiate Trump, " he concluded. "That and create a Congress that will stand up to him."

You can watch the video below via Facebook: