Ronny Jackson’s alleged day drinking ‘might explain’ his bizarre press conference claiming Trump's not obese: MSNBC
Dr. Ronny Jackson (Screenshot)

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, President Donald Trump's nominee to be Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affiars, may have partially confirmed some of the allegations against him, an Associated Press reporter suggested on Deadline: White House Tuesday.

Dr. Jackson has been accused of day drinking while on the job.

That fact may be related to his bizarre press conference boasting of Trump's "genes" and physical fitness, MSNBC suggests.

In January, Dr. Jackson reported that Trump is six feet and three inches (75″) tall and weighs 239 lbs, one inch taller than on his 2012 driver's license issued by the state of New York.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Body Mass Index (BMI) lists somebody with such measurements "overweight."

If Trump had been a single pound heavier or inch shorter, he would be considered medically obese.

Jackson even went out of his way to declare Trump as "not obese."

"Honestly, anyone that says that I weighed less than I do would get any job he wanted," host Nicolle Wallace joked.

"If the allegations are true, that suggested he was drinking on the job, that might explain that press conference," AP White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire replied.