'Shove your apology up your ass': Sylvester Stallone brother begs forgiveness for Parkland tweet -- and it doesn't go well
Frank Stallone via YouTube

When we last saw the brother of actor Sylvester Stallone, he had made his Twitter account private after deleting a tweet slurring Parkland survivor David Hogg as a "p*ssy."

Saturday, Frank Stallone -- who promotes himself as a singer and actor -- tweeted, "This David Hogg p*ssy is getting a little big for his britches. I’m sure someone from his age group is dying to sucker punch this rich little bitch. Watch him run home like the coward he is . He’s the worst rep for today’s youth headline grabbing punk."

He then got pounded online, leading him to complain that he was being bullied.

On Easter morning, after his bad Saturday, the fringe celebrity made an abject apology, re-opening his Twitter account for all the world to see.

"To everyone and to David Hogg especially. I want to deeply apologize for my irresponsible word.I would never in a million years wish or promote violence to anyone anywhere on this planet," he tweeted. "After what these kids went though I’m deeply ashamed. Please accept my apology. Frank."

Twitter users were not in a forgiving mood on Easter Sunday, pointing out that he should never have written such an offensive post in the first place, with one commenter telling him to "shove his apology up his ass."

That was one of the nicer things Stallone was told now that the damage was done.

A sampling below: