Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold resigns after sexual harassment suit settlement became public
Rep. Blake Farenthold (Photo: Screen capture)

Politico's Jake Sherman is reporting that Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) has resigned. The Congressman's sexual harassment settlement became public after the #MeToo movement came to Capitol Hill.

Politico reporter John Bresnahan explained that Thursday the Congressman's office said that rumors of his resignation were not true.

"Typical of how they dealt with most issues - deny, lie, obfuscate," he tweeted.

Late last year, it was revealed that there was a three-year-old dispute between Farenthold and staffer Lauren Greene after allegedly inappropriate behavior that lead to her termination. The two ultimately settled the matter outside of court, but $84,000 in taxpayer money was used to settle the suit.

Farenthold was under heavy pressure by fellow Republicans to resign.