‘Time for me to lawyer up’: Alt-right leader Richard Spencer begs for money to pay his legal bills
White nationalist Richard Spencer begs for legal contributions. Image via screengrab.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer is begging for money to hire an attorney as his legal and financial woes continue to grow.

Spencer is asking for $25,000 to defend himself in a federal lawsuit over the deadly "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Right Wing Watch reported.

“I am under attack and I need your help,” Spencer said in a public appeal. “Some of the biggest and baddest law firms in the United States are suing me, along with some other prominent figures, in civil court."

Spencer recently had a falling out with his longtime lawyer, Kyle Bristow.

"This case is a conspiracy theory in the truest sense of that term," he argued. "This is a mockery of justice."

"Put simply, they want to shut me -- and all of us -- down," Spencer claimed.

He argued the goal of the lawsuit is to “take down the alt-right’s most prominent spokesman, that is me.”

“It is now time for me to lawyer up,” he said in a public YouTube video.

Spencer, who has been banned from 26 countries, has been punched on the street for his views.

In October, three men were arrested for attempted homicide following a Spencer speech in Gainsville, Florida. Spencer's National Policy Institute bounced a $10,564 check to the University of Florida to rent the auditorium for his speech.