Tomi Lahren blames Jay-Z for mass incarceration of black Americans because he endorsed Hillary
Fox News' Tomi Lahren attacks rapper Jay-Z (Screen cap).

Fox News' Tomi Lahren went off on a long rant against rapper Jay-Z, who last week angered many Fox viewers by claiming that President Donald Trump is bringing out an "ugly" side of America.

In particular, Lahren said Jay-Z should look in the mirror instead of blaming Trump for problems such as high black incarceration rates, since he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

"Jay-Z, it's pretty ironic that you think Donald Trump is a racist when you campaigned for Hillary Clinton!" she fumed. "Remember that? That would be Hillary Clinton, the woman who called young black Americans 'super predators.' The one who stood by Bill when signed the $30 billion crime bill that imposed the death penalty on dozens more crimes and mandated life sentences for three-time offenders."

The so-called Clinton crime bill passed in 1994 with bipartisan support, and was opposed by many Republican lawmakers because it did not go far enough in punishing criminals.

Additionally, President Donald Trump has similarly said that America's criminal justice system coddles criminals and has called for tougher laws -- including implementing the death penalty for drug dealers.

Lahren finished her monologue by telling Jay-Z to stick to rapping instead of talking politics.

"Please, go back to rapping your filthy lyrics and celebrating your drug-dealing resume, and let Donald Trump make America great again for us all!" she said.

Watch the video below.