Trump biographer explains why Michael Cohen probably won’t bring down the president — but he knows who could
Tim O'Brien (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump seems to be consumed with anger and dread following the FBI raid on his longtime attorney Michael Cohen -- but two other business associates could deliver even more damning evidence.

Trump biographer Tim O'Brien said Cohen wasn't the biggest fish in the Trump Organization, and he identified two company officials whose activity could also fall under investigation.

Real estate attorney Jason Greenblatt joined Trump Organization in 1997 and became the true in-house counsel and the company's executive vice president.

"Everything that mattered in the Trump Organization, every sizable deal or sensitive transaction, required Greenblatt's signature, not Cohen's," O'Brien reported.

He said chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg played a similar role in Trump Organization's finances.

Greenblatt left Trump Organization in December 2016, after the president-elect appointed him special representative for international negotiations.

Weisselberg still helps Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump manage the business while their father serves in the Oval Office.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed business records from the Trump Organization, and his investigators may eventually interview Greenblatt and Weisselberg.

"If that happens -- or if the U.S. attorney's office in New York takes a similar interest -- then the media might have to reassess its take on Cohen and the role he's playing in the broader drama surrounding the White House," O'Brien said.