Trump was ‘captivated’ by cable news reports on Cohen raids — and it set him off on his anti-FBI tirade
VP Mike Pence (left), President Donald Trump (center) and national security adviser John Bolton (right). Image via screengrab.

According to CNN sources, President Donald Trump was, as usual, watching cable news as the story broke that his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen was raided by the FBI — and as White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny noted, his mood may have been affected by the news.

"I'm told this afternoon the president was watching news coverage of this happening in the residence of the White House and now in the West Wing," the correspondent told Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer.

Zeleny noted that Trump did learn about the raid before it was reported — but not before it happened. It remains unclear how the president learned of the raid, but given that Cohen is "essentially a family member," the correspondent noted, they were likely in touch soon after it happened. During the president's televised comments responding to the raid, however, Trump suggested he learned of the raids from news reports.

"This is captivating the president's time and attention and also likely to spark anger from him," Zeleny said. "This is signed off by the Department of Justice and [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein."

Indeed, Trump took aim at Attorney General Jeff Sessions in response to the news, saying he had made a "huge mistake."

Watch below, via CNN: