'They're not victims!' CNN's Cuomo hammers GOP lawmaker for wasting America's time on Diamond and Silk hearing
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) about Diamond and Silk (Screen cap).

CNN's Chris Cuomo on Friday unloaded on Rep. Steve King (R-IA) for "wasting my money" on Thursday by having a hearing dedicated to bogus censorship claims surrounding Trump-loving YouTubers Diamond and Silk.

Cuomo started by telling King that Diamond and Silk were not in any way victims of "censorship" by Facebook, which suggested that there was absolutely no need to give them an entire congressional hearing where they made blatantly false statements under oath about having never been paid by the Trump campaign.

"Did you waste my money with this hearing with Diamond and Silk?" Cuomo asked. "They weren't victims of Facebook, you have to know that, that facts make it clear. Why spend taxpayer dollars talking about this issue with these people?"

King then challenged Cuomo to come up with a better use of people's time -- and Cuomo brought down the hammer.

"There's nothing more important than talking to Diamond and Silk about what didn't happen to them on Facebook?" he asked.

King then pivoted to attacking Hillary Clinton and saying that Democrats were "obstructing" investigations into her purported wrongdoing.

Cuomo then steered the conversation back to Diamond and Silk, and he asked King why he let them falsely claim that they were censored by Facebook when all evidence suggests that wasn't the case.

King responded by citing a "report" from Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who has been busted multiple times for spreading fake news.

"The Gateway Pundit is an arbiter of facts?" Cuomo asked incredulously. "Come on!"

Watch the video below.