WATCH: MSNBC's Reid confronted by WaPo's Capehart over her anti-LGBT comments in lecture on 'evolving'
Joy Reid, Jonathan Capehart -- screenshot

Frequent AM Joy guest - and occasional fill-in host -- Jonathan Capehart had a heart-to-heart talk with MSNBC host Joy Reid Saturday morning, expressing his disappointment at her comments about the LGBTQ community years ago -- before delivering a lecture on how everyone needs to "evolve" in a changing culture.

Following Reid's apology over the controversial blog posts from over 10 years ago that the mired her in controversy this week, Capehart -- who is gay -- had a few words to say to her.

"The beauty of what you did at the open was put into context where society was," Capehart told the host. "I wouldn't even be talking to my own mother if she had not evolved. People thought one way, they got information, people came out, people told their stories, people made it personal, people made it clear to their neighbors and co-workers and the shopkeeper and all of the people they depend on in their lives. Only a stone-cold heart could not change "

He then turned to Reid's comments.

"Joy, when this happened, I was hurt," Capehart explained. "But not like anything that was attributed to you. I was hurt because the Joy I know and have known for probably more than 10 years -- certainly before all of this stuff -- is not the Joy that I know. That Joy that I know is someone that stands by me personally, stands by me and my husband, stands by me and my community. I don't know a better place for me to be right now than to sit in the chair next to you."

"This is about people who are impacted by the words that are being attributed to you and it was incredibly important for us to remember that people change," he continued. "Times change  and there's a lot of people sitting out there watching that might be tuning in because it's like the coliseum for them and they want to see you be eviscerated. For those that are waiting for you to crumble and everyone to rain down condemnation on you: good luck with that. Change your hearts. Evolve, just like the rest of the country."

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: