Watch: Republican melts down claiming Michelle Wolf made 'fat lesbian jokes' about Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Republican strategist Liz Mair melts down over Michelle Wolf's smokey eye joke/Screenshot

Michelle Wolf torched Sarah "Cousin Huckabee" Sanders at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday night, mocking her for her constant lies and stern demeanor.

But what if she was also using coded language to demean her as a lesbian softball coach?

That was what one triggered Republican commentator thought, according to an angry rant on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon.

Liz Mair, who is a strategist working on behalf of the party of Donald Trump, melted down over the smokey eye joke, which she said was actually a joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders' weight and sexuality.

"It's not just the smokey eye comment, she also made an allusion to a fictional character in a book who is a lesbian softball coach," she said. "In order for comedy to be funny... there has to be dose of truth, or a kernel that sort of rings true in what's said... very clearly that is a comment about Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks and it's not a compliment."

Mair said that Wolf was a leftist who was making a "fat lesbian joke" and that "supposedly we're not supposed to be making those."

"What was the fat lesbian joke?" panelist Atima Omara asked.

The women then engaged in a literary debate about the character Sanders was compared to before Mair lost it.

"As a Republican woman we're constantly dealing with people who say we're all about the cute appearance and the pretty makeup, and none of the substance and we're just fact-free and we're all stupid and we're dumb bimbos."

Things escalated from there.

Watch below.