Watch Shep Smith's awkward reaction after he's blindsided by news that Hannity is Cohen's secret client
Fox News host Shep Smith (Screenshot)

During the beginning of Fox News host Shepard Smith's show on Monday, news broke that his colleague Sean Hannity was a client of Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Smith at first had little to say about the revelation.

"Let's turn to Bob Bianci now, a defense attorney and former prosecutor -- and we'll get to the part that I'm sure you're curious about in a minute when I have a little bit more information," Smith said.

The Fox News host later said that producers were trying to get in touch with Hannity.

"We'll report on it when we know the rest of it. A lot of people know his number."

Eventually, Smith obtained a statement from Hannity's publicist.

"We just spoke with his publicist here at Fox News who says that he says they've been friends for a long time, he never denied that he he was his lawyer, that he did some legal work along the way, and that's the extent of that," Smith reported.

Watch video below: