White House adviser Larry Kudlow boasts Trump can manage scandals while traveling — moments before overseas trip canceled
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow (Gage Skidmore)

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow swore President Donald Trump can handle a full load of troubles and scandal all while navigating his political duties and traveling to Latin America. The president, however, proved him wrong.

During his show, right-wing radio host Hugh Hewitt asked the former television host and pundit how the president was handling the latest developments.

"If he’s furious with Rod Rosenstein for sending the agents in to seize Cohen, can he compartmentalize and focus, Larry Kudlow, on other issues?" Hewitt asked. "You’ve worked with him. Can he turn off the anger at Mueller and Rosenstein and Sessions and focus on other issues easily?"

Kudlow explained that Trump is absolutely capable of navigating more than one thing at once.

"Oh, I’m sure he can. I mean, I’ve seen this in the past," Kudlow explained. Look, this town, AKA 'The Swamp,' has been trying to thwart him at every turn, every turn, Hugh. Whatever policies, economics, international foreign policy, regulatory policy, tax policy, and they’ve tried to hound him with this Russian collusion charge, there is no collusion. There never has been any collusion. So the answer is yes, of course he can compartmentalize. I’m going to bet you he holds his regular schedule today, and I’ll be you he gets stuff done through meetings and decisions."

Kudlow noted that he would be traveling with Trump to Latin America for the trip over the weekend and to a summit with the Japanese at Mar-a-Lago after that.

"I don’t think it’s going to stop him. It never stops him," Kudlow continued. "He’s a tough guy. He’s a tough guy. And he’s a smart guy. And this place, Washington, D.C., aka swamp, they underestimate him. So let them underestimate him. Right now, he is getting his agenda done. I mean, really, and so I have, you know, for me, it’s a great honor and a privilege, really, it’s a great honor and a privilege."

The White House then announced that Trump would be canceling his trip to Latin America for the 8th Summit of the Americas. The White House claimed it was to monitor the situation in Syria. When the president travels, he brings military leaders and the security and access of the situation room along with him.

The first several days of Kudlow's term has indicated that the "advisor" is a little out of the loop.