President Donald Trump is having an outright meltdown in the West Wing of the White House in real time and sources told Axios' Mike Allen he's losing it.

Friends and close associates to the president told Allen that Trump and his allies are acting out a full cataclysm in real time. When speaking to the press and on Twitter Monday, Trump claimed that the country was under attack. However, the reality is that he personally is under attack for legal problems. Like a rogue box of lighted fireworks, Trump is reportedly going off in every direction.

"Mueller's investigation has been drip, drip," one source began. "This was a giant leap forward ... a personal hit. ... They were moving in inches. Today, they moved a mile."

This also marks the first time Trump is having a crisis since his close advisor Hope Hicks has left the White House. Hicks was known for calming Trump down and keeping things ordered amid the chaos. In her absence, Americans witnessed the president dealing with his emotional collapse in real time.

"This is the first crisis post-Hope Hicks. ... This was different: I've never seen him like this before. ... This is the president you're going to see more of from here on out: unvarnished, untethered," the source continued.

Another noted that in the past the president has taken the Russia investigation as a political attack. The raid of his attorney Michael Cohen, however, brought things too close to home.

"He takes the Russia stuff as a political hit job. This was a personal affront. This was the red line" into his personal financial matters, a second source explained.

Allen cited Trump using the word "disgrace" seven times and "disgraceful" twice, while talking about the incident.

Republican allies are cautioning against firing special counsel Robert Mueller, but there is a fear it is possible given his penchant for erratic and self-absorbed behavior.