ESPN star Jemele Hill predicts Trump wants to use Colin Kaepernick as ‘a chew toy for his base’
President Donald Trump and civil rights leader Colin Kaepernick (composite image).

Star ESPN sports journalist Jemele Hill warned civil rights leader and former football quarterback Colin Kaepernick about being hijacked by a photo-op with President Donald Trump, on Wednesday's "Out of Bounds" episode on Complex.

President Trump reportedly wants a "race summit" with Kaepernick, Kanye West, and other celebrities.

“That to me made it seem as if this is really about a photo op," Hill suggested. "This is really about an optic to be able to say ‘oh look’ – especially you know midterms are coming pretty soon – to be able to say ‘oh look I sat down with x."

"I think maybe the other part of it, too, is that if some of these musicians and athletes who have been critical of him, if they don’t show up, that will also be used as a chew toy for his base again to say, ‘See, I tried but this,'" she continued.

Trump called Kaepernick a "son of a b*tch"

On Tuesday, Hill wrote a column for The Undefeated that also warned Kaepernick of being exploited by the White House.

"Even before he was president, Trump used Kaepernick and the NFL player protests like a racial chew toy, stoking his base with consistent and frequent attacks on the NFL and Kaepernick," Hill wrote. "So unless the president is willing to admit how much his words have contributed to Kaepernick being seemingly blackballed by the NFL, how could Kaepernick and Trump even begin to have a truly open conversation about race?"

Hill has been cyber-bullied by President Trump after labeling him a white supremacist. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders demanded that Hill be fired.

Jemele Hill isn't the only voice to warn Kaepernick against Trump's invitation.

"Any involvement with this inevitable sh*t-show would result in a clear public relations nightmare for any celebrity who doesn’t want to be seen as aligned with Donald Trump," The Grio wrote. "Multiply that by 10 for any Black celebrity."

"Of course, if Kaepernick has any sense at all, he won’t go anywhere near this glad-handing bullsh*t. I’m pretty sure he does have sense, so expect this summit to have nothing to do with him," The Grio continued. "And expect the celebrities who do get involved to get cooked accordingly."