Foreign policy expert quakes with anger as he watches Ivanka partying in Israel while Gaza burns
Richard Haas (MSNBC)

Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians in Gaza as the U.S. Embassy officially opened in Jerusalem -- and foreign policy expert Richard Haas grew visibly angry as he watched the two scenes unfold.

Haas, the longtime president of the Council on Foreign Relations, harshly criticized President Donald Trump's decision as he watched a split-screen video of the president's daughter and son-in-law taking part in the opening ceremony while violence raged in the Palestinian territory.

"Hard to watch these images on the screen and just not be worried about the future," Haas said. "I see none of the seeds of progress there. What you see are the seeds of growing confrontation and violence, bad for the Palestinians and bad for Israel. What the United States is not doing is helping the situation."

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough said the move undermined Israel's security, and Haas interrupted with his voice quaking in anger as he slammed the Trump administrations diplomatic efforts.

"There's a concept of medicine where doctors intervene and make patients worse," Haas said. "The Middle East is a dying patient in many ways. It's called iatrogenic illness when doctors intervene and hurt or kill patients. American diplomacy in the Middle East could be fairly charged with being iatrogenic."