Husband of White House press staffer tied to 'dying' John McCain joke says 'it's time to move on now'
The Schlapps, Mercedes and Matt, who have cried foul when Democrats make jokes but who stand by the staffer behind a tasteless McCain joke/Screenshot

Just a few weeks ago, Matt Schlapp was complaining angrily about jokes made by a professional comedian during an annual roast of the White House and the media that covers it.

Now, he's telling people angry with a joke about how John McCain's opinions on torture don't matter because "he's dying anyway" to move on.

"I think it's time to move on now I'm getting a bit worried," he wrote on Twitter.

The tasteless McCain joke was made by Kelly Saddler, who works with Matt Schlapp's wife, Mercedes Schlapp, in the White House press secretary's office. Mercedes Schlapp reportedly told a group of her colleagues that she wanted to be quoted supporting Sadler in the incident, which the White House refuses to apologize for.

Mercedes Schlapp was quoted as she asked—and has been under fire since.

Schlapp is in a Twitter slap-fight with comedian Kathy Griffin, who he appeared to threaten saying that he would give the comedian "no quarter" and that his wife was not her "punching bag."

Matt Schlapp was last in the news when his annual event, CPAC, featured a racist speaker who bashed a black man who was once the head of the Republican party. Schlapp forcefully defended the racist.