'I'm raging right now': Dad of Parkland victim burns down Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for 'the most idiotic comments ever'
Fred Guttenberg appears on ABC News (screen grab)

Fred Guttenberg, the father of slain Parkland student Jamie Guttenberg, on Sunday blasted Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for offering solutions to school shootings that did not include any type of gun safety measures.

In an interview with Patrick on ABC's This Week, the lt. governor argued the faith in God would help Texas withstand school shootings.

"It is their faith in their fellow man, it is their faith in God and it is Texas coming together and standing strong," Patrick opined. "And no one with a gun is going to walk into a school or anywhere else and bring our state to our knees. We will stand strong and we will stand together."

Guttenberg, who appeared after the lt. governor, reacted with outrage.

"I think those are the most idiotic comments I've ever heard regarding gun safety," Guttenberg said. "Let me be clear, he should be removed from office for his failure to what to protect the citizens of Texas. To hear him continue to make the argument -- after 10 people died in his state -- that guns are not the issue is simply a crock."

The father of the 14-year-old victim noted that he had participated in recent protests against the NRA convention in Dallas.

"The highlight item at their convention is a gun that folds up to look like cell phone!" he exclaimed. "That is not designed for any reason other than to spread more death on the streets of this country."

"And regarding the Second Amendment," Guttenberg continued, "I'm pretty confident the framers of our Constitution did not sit around predicting the day when we would have guns that looked like cell phones."

Taking another swipe at Patrick, Guttenberg added: "Those are idiotic comments. I'm raging right now. I'm here this weekend at what was supposed to be my daughter's dance recital, where they're honoring my daughter's memory instead of having my daughter dance. And for that man to make those moronic comments, unacceptable!"

[Editors note: The story originally identified Jamie Guttenberg as a student at Santa Fe High School in Houston. The 14-year-old died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018.]

Watch the video below from ABC.