James Clapper buries Rudy Giuliani as 'an incoherent mouthpiece for the president'
James Clapper (CNN)

James Clapper denounced Rudy Giuliani's comparison of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to a "lynching mob."

The former director of national intelligence appeared Thursday morning on CNN's "New Day," where he said Giuliani had sullied his legacy while serving -- badly -- as personal attorney for President Donald Trump.

"I think this sort of characterization is really unfortunate, inappropriate, unfair and, in fact, dishonest," Clapper said. "But this is part of a larger campaign which Mr. Giuliani fully acknowledged to undermine the investigation. That's the whole point here and cast as many aspersions on the investigation and those conducting it as possible."

The former intelligence official said Giuliani was shredding his reputation as "America's mayor."

"I have not had any direct interaction with him, but your mention of 9/11 is the preferred image that I want to keep of Rudy Giuliani and the inspirational leadership he provided to New York City -- not only New York City, but the entire nation," Clapper said. "I prefer to remember him that way than the way he's conducting himself now."

He charted the path to Giuliani's career nadir.

"I think he's kind of an incoherent mouthpiece for the president," Clapper said.