Michael Avenatti explains why Trump is dodging influence-peddling questions: 'Thing are so bad now they're not even going on Fox'
Michael Avenatti on Jake Tapper's CNN show explaining influence peddling/Screenshot

Did Michael Cohen take bribes from Russians and other people who wanted things from President Trump and then use that money to benefit Trump?

That's what Michael Avenatti suggested on Jake Tapper's CNN show Wednesday afternoon.

Avenatti explained how influence-peddling works, and also hinted that he thinks Trump and his personal attorney might get caught red-handed on it.

"I think that ultimately what's going to be disclosed is that Michael Cohen was selling access to the highest office in the land, Donald Trump knew about it," Avenatti said. ""When you trace the money, about what money went into the LLC and what money came out of the LLC, the president and Michael Cohen better hope that none of that money gets traced back to the president or the Trump organization or another entity that the president controlled at the time because, if so, that could have serious, serious consequences."

The White House has said its not concerned—which Avenatti mocked by pointing out that no one from Trump's inner-circle will answer questions now.

"Where's Rudy Giuliani? Why aren't they going on shows and answering questions?" he asked. "Thing are so bad now, Jake, they're not even going on Fox."

Avenatti said he finds it "hard to believe" that Trump didn't know what Cohen was up to.

"The idea that Donald Trump knew none of what Michael Cohen was doing starting in January 2017—I just don't believe it," he said. "I think that's a bunch of nonsense."

Watch below.