GOP Senate candidate once again slams Mitch McConnell's 'China family' in new ad
Mitch McConnell's primary challenger Don Blankenship in a campaign ad. Image via screengrab.

After catching flak for referring to Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) father-in-law as a "chinaperson," Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)'s GOP challenger is once again attacking the senator's Chinese in-laws.

"Swamp captain Mitch McConnell has created millions of jobs for China people," Senate candidate Don Blankenship said in his latest ad as twangy country-inspired guitars played in the background. "While doing so, Mitch has gotten rich."

"In fact," the candidate continued, "his China family has given him tens of millions of dollars."

Blankenship went on to charge "Mitch's swamp people" with running damaging negative ads about him that "childishly" refer to him as "despicable and mentally ill."

"I will beat Joe Manchin and ditch Cocaine Mitch," the candidate said, using his strange new nickname for the GOP Senate majority leader.

Watch below: