Mother of a Texas school shooting victim steps forward to reveal the killer's possible motive
Shana Fisher was one of the 10 people killed in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas/Screenshot

Police do not yet know why Dimitrios Pagourtzis committed a massacre at his Texas high school.

While Pagourtzis has admitted to the shooting, which started in an art class, and police have found a note detailing his anger before killing 10 people, the motive has not yet been revealed.

His parents—whose gun he took to commit the attack and who didn't stop him from posting pictures of firearms on social media prior to the attack—have said they don't know why he killed.

But now the mother of one of the victims is stepping forward with a possible motive.

Sadie Rodriguez is the mother of Shana Fisher, who was killed in the attack. The Dallas News is reporting that Rodriguez said her daughter had spurned Pagourtzis' romantic advances a week before he walked into her art class and killed her and others.

"He continued to get more aggressive," Rodriguez said in an interview conducted with the paper via Facebook. "She finally stood up to him and embarrassed him."

Rodriquez is raising money in her daughter's memory.

"My daughter was the most sweet and shy young lady," Rodriguez wrote on Facebook. "She never hurt anyone. This boy. I can't even do this. I cant even finish this. It isn't even fair."