MSNBC hosts speculate who leaked Mueller questions to New York Times reporter also sitting on the panel
Rudy Giuliani and John Dowd, composite image.

The Capitol Hill parlor game of attempting to discern the source of leaked questions special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly wants to ask President Donald Trump continued on Tuesday, as MSNBC's Deadline: White House reported that two more people have denied spilling to reporters.

The New York Times reporter who wrote the story, Michael Schmidt, was on the panel.

"In discussing the questions, of course, we can't pose that question directly to the witness here we have before us, Mike Schmidt," noted Jeremy Bash, the NBC News national security analyst who served as Chief of Staff at the Pentagon and CIA.

"He'd shoot all of us before he'd tell us who any of his sources are," host Nicolle Wallace predicted.

"I think all of us believe it did not come from the tight-lipped special counsel's office, so I was speculating earlier with Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show that perhaps Dohn Dowd could be the source of this," Bash noted. "At 10:16 a.m. I got a very stern e-mail from John Dowd, he said 'I was not the source, I was not the leak, please correct the record on national television.' So I'm just putting it out there that John Dowd is saying emphatically on-the-record that he was not the source of this material."

"I can one-up you," Wallace replied. "Before I'd even gone on television, two people called me to tell me that Rudy [Giuliani] wasn't Mike Schmidt's source either."