Mueller critic Jonathan Turley says Trump may be cooked: 'It is possible that a porn star can take down a president'
Jonathan Turley appears on CBS (screen grab)

George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, a frequent critic of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, asserted on Sunday that adult film star Stormy Daniels may eventually force the President Donald Trump out of office.

"The danger here is that the Stormy Daniels matter could supply the obstruction case [against Trump], which has so far evaded Robert Mueller," Turley explained during an interview on Face the Nation. "I don't think that the obstruction case or collusion case that Mueller has been pursuing has really materialized as far as we can see into a serious threat against the president."

"But an obstruction case would be easier with Stormy Daniels," he continued. "Even though [Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani] says this is a weak case under federal election laws, the fact is that it is possible to violate the federal election laws, whether it's a loan or a gift."

According to Turley, the risk for Trump comes if he influences witnesses, withholds documents or urges people to give false information in the case.

"All of that would be an easier obstruction case," he explained. "Because you don't have all the use of presidential authority that you have, for example, firing [former FBI Director] James Comey. That's tough because he's using an inherent [presidential] power."

"That falls away with Stormy Daniels," Turley said. "It is possible that a porn star could take down a president if the president's not cautious."

Watch the video below from CBS.