Pennsylvania man caught on video harassing black neighbors gets prison time and loses home on 'ethnic intimidation' charges
Robert Kujawa mugshot

A white Pennsylvania man is going to prison and losing his home after he was convicted of harassing his black neighbors over a period of years, reports The Morning Call.

According to the report, 45-year-old Robert Kujawa of Easton, was found guilty by a jury of ethnic intimidation, harassment, stalking and is facing two to four years in state prison.

In their case against Kujawa, prosecutors claimed that the man hung Confederate flags in the windows of his home that faced his black neighbor's home, and used a racial slur against the woman and her son when they were in the backyard -- which Kujawa has denied.

According to the family, the man also used a pellet gun to shoot out their outdoor lights and damage their furniture, forcing them to purchase a security system, lighting and a fence and to forbid their sons from playing in their yard.

Following the announcement of the verdict, Judge Jennifer Sletvold noted that Kujawa was previously convicted of harassment of the family in 2015 and the following year admitted to reckless endangerment, with the judge stating, "Over the course of many years, Mr. Kujawa robbed this family of their peace."

At his Friday hearing Kujawa apologized, saying he is losing his home to foreclosure and that he plans on leaving state once his 10th-grade daughter graduates.

"I'm really remorseful," Kujawa told the court. "I'm really sorry that it got to this point."

According to his neighbor, Biafra Baker, “We just wanted to raise our children. We didn’t ask for any of this.”

For an ethnic intimidation conviction in Pennsylvania, authorities must show that a defendant committed a separate offense — in this case, stalking — for bigoted reasons.

You can watch a clip of Kujawa harassing his neighbors below via the Lehigh Valley Live on YouTube: