Racist ex-con poised to win Republican bid for West Virginia senate seat -- threatens third-party run and slams Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr. and Don Blankenship/Screenshot

Trump-loving Republican Don Blankenship's controversial racist "China people" ad has not sidelined him in the West Virginia senate race.

In fact, polls now suggest Blankenship, who doesn't even live in West Virginia, may be tied or leading. This despite serving prison time for conspiring to violate federal mine safety in the lead up to a 2010 mine explosion that left 29 people dead.

If Blankenship pulls it out on Tuesday, he will face a moderate incumbent Democrat in November—which has Republicans worrying if this could be another Roy Moore mess.

Blankenship is making noise about running as an independent if he loses the primary.

"I have not ruled out anything," Blankenship told CBS News on Sunday.

His issue is his staunch opposition to opponent Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

"I've said that I cannot let him win because of the opioid connection and planned parenthood connection," he said.

Donald Trump Jr., who has been on the campaign trail for his father, said that West Virginians should not support Blankenship.

Blankenship fired back.

"My son says a lot of things that I wish he wouldn't say, too," he said.

Blankenship then attacked Trump Jr. and other members of the "establishment" for targeting him, which lead to an escalating conflict.

Watch a short segment on Blankenship's run below.