'Sounds like propaganda': CNN panel shreds Rudy Giuliani's latest attempt to undermine the Russia probe
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

A CNN panel on Monday took a hammer to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani for his latest attempt to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Reacting to Giuliani's Sunday morning television appearances, CNN law enforcement analyst Samantha Vinograd said that the former New York mayor's strategy was much more about fighting the battle for public opinion than about winning a legal argument over President Donald Trump's actions.

"It... sounds like propaganda a little bit," she said. "We're talking about a P.R. strategy. The president's personal lawyer is going on television and literally spewing inaccuracies. We could spend an entire segment dissecting what he said. That sounds like propaganda to me."

Fellow CNN panelist Josh Campbell then chimed in and said it was telling that Trump's only defense of himself in the Russia probe is to attack the investigators themselves.

"They are tearing down law enforcement, trying to destroy the Department of Justice for this P.R. campaign, in order to discredit investigators," he said. "That's going to cause lasting damage."

The panel then turned to Trump's weekend tweet about the "young" lives that have allegedly been ruined by the Russia probe -- and Vinograd took Trump to task for trying to make people feel sorry for people like former campaign aide George Papadopoulos who tried to work with Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

"This tweet, quite simply, is a disgrace," she said.

Watch the video below.