Stephen Colbert unleashes his impression of Eric Trump campaigning for Republicans -- and it's brutal
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

On Friday night, Late Show host Stephen Colbert got in some digs at President Donald Trump's older sons -- questioning Republican plans to have them campaign for candidates running in the midterms -- while taking a shot at impersonating Eric Trump.

"Republicans are deploying their secret weapon: Trump son and reason to leave the bar, Don Trump Jr,” said Colbert. “DJT Jr. is planning to help Republican candidates this summer by taking on a big role in the midterms. Which means he’s going to have to take some serious time off from .... what does he really do? He’s a suit-filler. He’s a hair gel storage locker -- I’m not sure what he does.”

Noting Eric Trump's "gummy smile" and his reputation as the not-too-bright son of the president, the CBS host pulled his lips back and delivered an impression of what the candidates can expect from younger of the two sons if they hit the trail.

“They gave me a very important role,” said Colbert with his lips peeled back. “I, uh, they gave me a very important role handing out bumper stickers in front of the grocery store. I have lost the bumper stickers. There was a breeze.”

You can watch the video below via CBS: