Trump ‘exasperated’ that Rudy Giuliani’s train wreck TV interviews haven’t killed Mueller probe yet: report
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and President Donald Trump, composite image. Giuliani by Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA (Rudy Giuliani) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani once claimed that he could get special counsel Robert Mueller's probe to end within "a week or two" -- but now that the investigation seems to be steamrolling ahead, President Donald Trump is reportedly losing patience.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported on Tuesday that Trump is already souring on his new attorney, despite the fact that he has only been on the job for two weeks.

"It did not take long for Rudy Giuliani to fall out of the president's good graces here," Collins explained. "He's only been on the legal team for about three weeks now, not even three weeks. And already the president is disappointed in his performance."

Collins then went on to explain that Trump had originally brought Giuliani on board because he believed the former New York mayor's more aggressive approach would somehow intimidate Mueller into closing down the Russia probe.

"The president brought Rudy Giuliani, his longtime friend, on because he thought he was going to be able to help bring this Russia investigation to an end much more quickly with more aggressive approach, something that matched the way that the president wanted to go after this," she said. "But now after this string of interviews that Rudy Giuliani has done... the president is now thinking that Rudy Giuliani is causing more headaches than he is solving problems."

She then went on to say that both Trump and multiple White House officials are "very exasperated" with Giuliani -- and some are even questioning whether he is "all there mentally."

Watch the video below.