Watch top attorney Renato Mariotti detail the disasters born from Michael Cohen's 'foolish' legal strategy
Attorney Renato Mariotti on CNN/Screenshot

It's all kind of fuzzy now, but the reason that Michael Avenatti is on TV all the time is that he's involved in a lawsuit about whether Stormy Daniels can defy an unenforceable and unsigned hush agreement between Donald Trump and the porn star with whom he carried on a brief affair.

Yes, Stormy Daniels has already told her story, first in a blockbuster 60 Minutes interview and now on Saturday Night Live and in a Penthouse interview where she hinted that Trump has a small penis.

It's all so silly as to be farcical, attorney Renato Mariotti said on CNN Thursday night.

"If I'm Michael Cohen sitting at home I really need a new legal team," Mariotti said. "I was on the opposite side of Michael Avenatti on this case I would have just settled this case very early on and just let her talk."

Indeed, he said, all Cohen had to do was allow Stormy Daniels to talk without threatening to sue her, and none of the events that have transpired would have happened.

"She's ended up telling her story everywhere, on television every day," he said. "And this is like death by 1,000 cuts. What they should have done is settle early on, give her what she wanted, let her tell her dang stories, and given Avenatti nothing to talk about."

Watch below.