'You're bitter and you're angry': Fox News host slams failed GOP Senate candidate now running as spoiler
Don Blankenship on Fox News/Screenshot

After scaring both Democrats and Republicans with his racist campaign ads in the West Virginia Republican primary, Senate candidate Don Blankenship has announced that he'll run as an independent.

This development didn't sit well with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, who invited Blankenship on his show Wednesday. West Virginia is Trump country, and Republican voters there took Trump's advice and didn't send him through to the general election.

"Why you doing this?" Cavuto asked to open the fiery interview.

Cavuto went on to tell Blankenship that he was going to be a spoiler and take votes away from Republicans, which Blankenship denied, railing against the establishment of both parties.

"You were running for the Republican nomination. Now it just seems that after failing to get it, coming in third, you're bitter and you're angry," Cavuto said.

"They didn't run on the facts, they ran on what Fox News and other said I was a felon," said Blankenship, who was technically convicted of a misdemeanor.

"You don't call yourself a sore loser? You're not a sore, bitter loser," Cavuto asked.

Watch the interview below.