Activist D.L. Hughley uses the 'benign racism' of NBC host Megyn Kelly to explain why cops get away with shooting blacks
Megyn Kelly, D.L. Hughley -- screenshots

Appearing on CNN with Michael Smerconish to promote his new book,  comedian and activist D.L. Hughley and the host used an old Fox News clip of then-Fox host Megyn Kelly to get into what Hughley called the "benign racism" of white people.

In the clip, Kelly -- who has since moved on to NBC -- refused to give the presumption of innocence to Philando Castile, a 32-year-old black teacher who was shot and killed by Minnesota police officer.

Using that as a leaping off point, Hughley -- whose new book is called "How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People" -- explained that little has changed since the death of Castile.

"That conversation angered me so much and rather than being angry and getting frustrated, I put it into action," Hughley explained. "I wanted to write a book that was satirical and had factual data."

"That mind-set that Megyn Kelly expressed is why these things keep happening, It's that benign racism where you can go, no matter what we see, we're going to ascribe it to --" he continued before changing direction. "We will blame 12-year-old boys in Cleveland for having toy guns and being shot down. It's that mind-set that allows these things to happen. And my goal was, how can I show them what I see and let them see it in a way that makes them -- that they're less threatened by it."

"You deal with that which you most often hear from guys who look like I look when there is one of these shootings, " Smerconish agreed. "Like just comply with police orders, don't talk back, or, my favorite, I've got to admit and I've said it: don't break the law."

"We're saying we'd rather have policemen who decide that you not complying with them is a death sentence," Hughley replied. "I don't think ultimately that's what we would like in a society."

Watch the video below via CNN: