Aide to GOP Virginia Senate nominee posts insane conspiracies -- and he thinks Hillary murdered Seth Rich
Corey Stewart (Facebook)

Noel Fritsch, an aide to Virginia Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart, has regularly posted unhinged conspiracy theories online -- including one that claims the Democratic Party was responsible for murdering former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

CNN reports that Fritsch has posted a wide range of racist and homophobic content on his social media accounts, including "calling gun-free zones and Muslims 'a deadly combination'" and objecting "to LGBT people being discussed on National Public Radio."

Additionally, Fritsch twice mentioned the infamous "Pizzagate" conspiracy that falsely alleged that prominent Democratic leaders ran a pedophile ring out of a pizzeria in the Washington, DC area.

On Facebook earlier this year, Fritsch wrote of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that "she killed Seth Rich" -- and then he said of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that "he covered for her."

Fritsch has also tweeted in the past that "in Hollywood it's OK to be a rapist as long you're black."

Stewart, who is Fritsch's boss, is no stranger to controversy either, as he has regularly appeared with prominent white nationalists while defending the preservation of Confederate memorials.