Black 'CSI' actor says he was racially profiled after cops held him at gunpoint in case of mistaken identity
Police officer holding gun (Shuttershock)

A black actor who was strolling with his girlfriend in the garage of a Los Angeles area mall has accused local police of racially profiling him and holding him at gunpoint after they lost contact with three suspects following a high speed chase.

According to FOX 11, 38-year-old Darris Love -- who has appeared on "The Secret World of Alex Mack," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations" and "E.R." -- says he was handcuffed with guns pointed at him as police poured into Glendale Galleria last Wednesday following a chase of alleged house burglars that began in Tarzana and ended at the shopping center.

Love stated that he was walking through the parking structure with his girlfriend, 39-year-old Ayesha Dumas, to get his parking validated when the police rolled up on him with guns drawn.

He explained that he told them they had the wrong man as he stood handcuffed while police went through his girlfriend's car as they accused her of being an accessory.

Love added that, after he was handcuffed, he asked the arresting officers to check surveillance video that will illustrate that he was at the mall when the chase occurred, but he was instead taken to the LAPD's West Valley Station and booked -- only to be released five hours later.

According to the report, police never found three suspects after losing them in the mall.

You can watch video below via Fox 11: