CNN's Erin Burnett unloads on Trump's  'obsessive' history about crowd size and Eagles visit: 'It had nothing to do with patriotism!'
CNN's Erin Burnett [ Photo: Screen grab from video]

CNN's Erin Burnett opened her show by saying that patriotism had nothing to do with President Donald Trump's decision to cancel the Philadelphia Eagles visit, but that he was actually embarrassed about the crowd size on Tuesday.

"The reason he disinvited a Super Bowl team for the first time in American history, according to ESPN, is because he thought he would look bad," Burnett said. "According to the White House, there were only between four and ten players who were going to attend. The White House says 81 promised to attend a week ago."

Burnett then went into President Trump's history about obsessing over crowed sizes.

"If you can't have the biggest crowd, well, maybe he takes his ball and goes home. As he did with the Eagles and as he has done before," Burnett said. "One reason the president canceled the meeting with Kim Jong-un was reportedly because he was thinking Kim would cancel on him, and he wanted to do it first. It was because they were dropping out in droves, specifically in response to a white national attack in Charlottesville and his response to that so they started quitting."

Watch Burnett below: