Fired host Reza Aslan rips CNN head Zucker for stiffing him on pay while making a 'fortune getting Trump elected'
Reza Aslan speaks to CNN (Screenshot/

On the one year anniversary of his firing, former CNN host Reza Aslan launched a broadside at network head Jeff Zucker -- revealing that the recently rehired executive stiffed him and staffers from his show while watching the network reap a fortune with non-stop coverage of President Donald Trump.

Aslan was fired for using "sh*t" to describe Trump on Twitter which led to the network cancel his show on religion.

On Saturday, Aslan tweeted he has not forgotten how he was treated.

"1 year ago today Jeff Zucker @CNN canceled my show Believer during its second season-refusing to pay me or my staff their due wages-because I tweeted that Trump was a piece of shit for using London terror attack to push his Muslim ban," he wrote. "I haven’t changed my opinion of either man."

He then added, "Let’s be clear about this: Jeff Zucker made a fortune creating Donald Trump at NBC; he made a fortune getting Trump elected with a billion dollars in free airtime; and he’s now making a fortune pretending to oppose Trump at CNN."

You can see the tweets below: