Fox DC anchor decries senseless gun deaths as colleague breaks down over newspaper shooting: 'This is not the way it should be'
FoxDC5 anchor Shawn Yancy -- via Fox 5

Breaking into World Cup coverage to report on the shooting at a newspaper in nearby Annapolis, a local Fox affiliate anchor blew up at gun violence in the U.S.  after her colleague burst into tears while trying to report on developments.

Speaking on WTTG, anchors Sarah Simmons and Shawn Yancy related that they had just gone thorough active shooter training themselves on Tuesday, when Simmons could not continue and apologized.

Yancy then stepped in.

"We just went through this training yesterday, we talked about what it would be like and what we should do," Yancy explained. "But, I know, it is unfortunate that this is reality of this day and age that we have to go through something like this but we do."

"We don't know if these folks went through training. but nobody goes to work, school, nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks somebody is going to walk in their office with a gun and start shooting at them," She continued with her voice rising. "This is not the way it should be in this country. I don't want to start talking about guns, gun rights, guns at all that right now but no doubt it will come up again because that is an issue we will be talking about because here we are,  once again talking about a mass shooting, innocent peoples lives taken for absolutely in reason at all."

You can listen to the audio below: