President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota Tuesday where he was expected to promote a new mine opening. But after losing a major battle with his border policy, the president used the rally as an opportunity to score easy applause lines from his base while blaming Democrats for most of what ills him. The remainder he blamed on the media.

“Promises Made – Promises Kept” appeared across the jumbotron in the arena.

Trump went full-Nixon, making fun of a protester who had long hair and even said that the media would report there were thousands of protesters when there was only one. Factually, there were two removed from the rally. Those people outside Trump said couldn't get into the rally, weren't all supporters. They were protesters.

He praised Kim Jong-un, saying the dictator would make his country a great success. He stroked his own ego, bragging about how he was more elite than "the elitists." But bizarrely, he claimed he would "reopen NASA."

The pledge turned many on Twitter to wonder when NASA was ever closed. See their hilarious take below: