Jake Tapper torches Trump and GOP for embracing white supremacists
Jake Tapper, Donald Trump, Corey Stewart (Screen Capture)

On Wednesday, CNN host Jake Tapper excoriated the GOP for its embrace of racists emboldened in the age of Donald Trump.

After all, Trump himself Tweeted his support of white supremacist Corey Stewart, a winner in the Virginia primary. Earlier in the week Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) also took on his own party for failing to stand up to Trump.

"This morning Mr. Trump embraced Corey Stewart, celebrating the primary win last night writing, 'congratulations to Corey Stewart for his victory and don't underestimate Corey,'" Tapper read.

"He's known for his ties to unrepentant bigots including organizers in the Charlottesville rally last year," Tapper continued.