Korea expert explains how 'depressingly ignorant' Trump is hurtling toward 'disaster' at Kim nuke summit
President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un (driver Photographer/Flickr)

Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science who teaches in Korea, is not at all impressed with whatever preparation President Donald Trump seems to be doing for his big summit next week with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Writing on Twitter, Kelly says that Trump seems poised to make two major concessions to North Korea next week without even realizing what he's doing. In particular, he says that Trump may give North Korea two things it has long sought -- official recognition in the form of a meeting with an American president and an official peace treaty signed with the United States -- in exchange for absolutely nothing.

"The NKs have long sought a peace treaty, just as they have a POTUS summit," he writes. "TRUMP IS GIVING STUFF AWAY, not wheeling and dealing his way into some great achievement. Trump gave the NKs the summit they've wanted for 25 years for nothing; if he also gives them the similarly long-sought peace treaty for no serious concession, that is a disaster."

Kelly explains that such concessions would legitimize Kim's regime as the rightful government of North Korea, which is something that he says no American president has ever recognized.

"Trump is depressingly ignorant of this, but if a deal at any price is the goal, 'peace in Korea' would be quite easy actually -- we can always just give NK what they want," he writes. "If Trump doesn't get a huge concession for the treaty, that will be two major asks from NK for which we got zippo. Wow."

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