'A political stunt' : CNN's Anderson Cooper slams Sarah Sanders's defense of Trump's Eagles debacle
CNN host Anderson Cooper.

CNN's Anderson Cooper walked viewers through the lies spilling out of the White House over President Donald Trump's decision to cancel the Eagles visit to the White House.

During a White House press briefing, Press Sectary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dodged questions from White House correspondent April Ryan. Cooper slammed Sanders for calling the decision a "political stunt."

"A political stunt, she says? Now, it certainly is a fact that some players disagree politically with the president on race, gender issues, on many things," Cooper said. "So a political statement on the part of many Eagles? Sure. A political stunt though?"

Cooper continued: "A stunt like the vice president traveling at taxpayer expense to a Colts-49ers game last season, only to very publicly walk out when a number of San Francisco players took a knee which everyone knew they would? It sounds like the White House doth protest too much on the stunt front, especially when the president seems to relish any chance he gets to attack players on this issue."

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