Rudy Giuliani undercuts Trump on inspector general report: 'I don't think it exonerates him'
Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News (screen grab)

During a interview late Saturday night with ABC, Donald Trump's  legal spokesperson Rudy Giuliani said he disagreed with the president's contention that the recently released inspector general's report on the FBI exonerates Trump.

"Well I don't think it exonerates him," Giuliani stated when asked about Trump's comments. "In some respects, it dramatically supports his position that the people who conducted the Hillary probe who were extreme partisan for Hillary and against Trump."

One day after the release of the report which was critical of FBI officials, Trump claimed, “I think that the report yesterday — maybe more importantly than anything — it totally exonerates me. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. And if you read the report, you’ll see that.”

Giuliani also addressed a possible interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, saying, "Mueller only gets an interview after he gets thoroughly investigated and we determine his conflicts, the biases and prejudices of his staff."

"I think that we would prefer questions and written answers. The way Ronald Reagan did,"he added, when asked about conditions for a interview.